The Skills Organisation

What is The Skills Organisation's statutory mandate?


Under the Industry Training Act 1992, The Skills Organisation has a statutory mandate for:

Skills leadership: The Skills Organisation provides industry specific leadership on matters relating to skill and training needs. This involves the identification of current and future skill needs and the development of strategies that seek to ensure that the training needs of the industry are met through the services of training providers across the tertiary education system.

Unit standard and national qualification development: The Skills Organisation works with nationwide industry consultation groups to collect information that informs the development of national unit [competency] standards and national qualifications. These national unit standards and qualifications are registered on the National Qualifications Framework [NQF] by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority [NZQA].

National training system management: The Skills Organisation is not a training provider. We manage the training delivery that occurs in the workplace and / or via contracted training arrangements with accredited training providers such as universities, polytechnics and private training establishments.

The Skills Organisation quality assures the national training system by moderating assessment against national unit standards, undertaking the accreditation of training providers, and facilitating training delivery. The Skills Organisation also registers workplace assessors based upon compliance with industry-endorsed criteria. In essence, The Skills Organisation acts as a bridge between industry, NZQA and the tertiary sector.

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