The Skills Organisation

The Skills Organisation and national qualifications training


What are national qualifications?

National qualifications are nationally recognised qualifications made up of unit standards. These qualifications are developed by The Skills Organisation and registered on the National Qualifications Framework [NQF] administered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority [NZQA].


What are unit standards?

Unit standards specify learning and performance outcomes in terms of the required standard of knowledge and / or performance. Developed by The Skills Organisation, unit standards are the building blocks of a national qualification and they provide the basis for the design of assessment. Unit standards do not describe the delivery of learning or training programmes.


How are unit standards assessed?

Assessment takes place against specific outcomes contained in the unit standards. Candidates must produce evidence of their competence against each of the performance outcomes contained in the unit standards. Forms of evidence commonly used include examination, evidence from the workplace and / or and interview with an assessor.


What role does The Skills Organisation play?

Learn more about The Skills Organisation’s role here.


How much will this qualification cost?

To see a list of The Skills Organisation’s fees click here.

Training and assessment fees are determined by training providers independently of The Skills Organisation for the training and assessment options they offer.


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