The Skills Organisation

Assessment options


The National Certificate in Financial Services [Financial Advice] [Level 5] is made up of five standard sets and can involve a combination of assessment methods.



  • Standard Set A: Core knowledge: Knowledge of the industry, financial markets, the advice process and products
  • Standard Set D: Investment specialist standards
  • Standard Set E: Insurance specialist standards OR Residential Property Lending specialist standards

Assessment of these Standard Sets can be carried out by accredited training providers who determine their own assessment methods and costs. The Skills Organisation is not involved in this process.

Assessment can also be carried out by a Delegated Assessment Organisation [DAO] or through The Skills Organisation. Any adviser who is being assessed by a DAO against a Standard Set that contains an examination component [Standard Sets A, D and E] will also incur The Skills Organisation examination fees.



  • Capstone knowledge of the code: Understanding of the legislative framework for financial advisers.

This Capstone Standard Set can ONLY be assessed by The Skills Organisation through a supervised online examination.



  • Capstone professional practice: Applying the six step advice process and complying with legislation

This Capstone Standard Set can ONLY be assessed by The Skills Organisation or through a DAO, and will be assessed through the submission of an [e] portfolio of evidence that will be the subject of a competency discussion between the adviser and an assessor.

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